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The recordings of the World Cup under this link.

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"Muotatal goes international" - Franz Föhn, Council Leader

On behalf of the Council and the people of Muotathal I should like to extend a warm welcome to all our visitors and spectators, but above all, to you, the athletes.

Spring is possibly the finest season and that is true here in the Muota valley too. As spring sets in, the snow on the mountains melts and the Muota fills with water. This is good news not only for the organisers of the Canoe World Championships, but also for the Schwyz electricity company since, as the Muota flows down the valley it is used to produce electricity at several points. Finally, the Muota enters the magnificent Lake Lucerne at Brunnen, on whose western shores the famous "city of light" itself stands.

The occasion of the Canoe World Championships will bring an international focus to the otherwise tranquil and quiet Muota valley; and we welcome this. It is a pleasure and an honour for us.  It shows that the unspoilt environment of the Muota valley, with the Muota River tumbling through it, has its place on the international stage.

Now, for the first time since 1973, Muotathal again has the honour of welcoming the Canoe World Championships.

Muotathal is one of the ten largest communes in Switzerland by area, covering a total of 172 km2; however, having only 3600 inhabitants it is sparsely populated and much of it is nature at its most natural.  Ried and Bisisthal also form part of the Muotathal district.

I should like to thank the Organising Committee of the Muota Wild Water Racing World Championships, as well as all the volunteers and other helpers, for the huge effort they have put into this event and I wish all the best to all the competitors. I hope that, besides the medals and awards, you also take home with you many happy memories of the Stoos-Muotathal region and of course, of Muotathal itself.  Please come back and visit us again. You'll find a lot more information about our valley on our website www.muotathal.ch.

Franz Föhn, Council Leader, Muotathal

Immerse yourself in competition and stunning scenery

Adrenaline and stamina, skill and precision. These are the qualities it takes for a paddler and their craft to master the wild waters of the Muota and find the fastest route to the finish line.

All about the Championships in this document.

The unspoilt waters flowing past the famous yet feared Muotastein are made for experiencing wild water racing in its natural element.

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This unique event is the perfect platform for projecting an image of Swissness, agility, perfection, endurance and authenticity.  The unique hospitality and incentive opportunities will leave a lasting impression upon your guests. Become a part of the Canoe World Championships now.

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The Muotathal Experience

Alp Cheese Market

The Muotatal Alp Cheese Market was launched in 1996 by a group of enterprising mountain farmers. The aim initially was to bring the Muotatal alp cheeses to a wider audience and to promote direct selling. At the time the farmers had become concerned about their traditional resellers in the Canton of Schwyz, the dairies Toni Mölkerei and Swiss Dairy Food (SDF) and feared that, longer term, they might seek alternative suppliers.


"Wetterschmöcker" -  The Weather Diviners

The Innerschwyz Meteorologists (better known as the "Muotathaler Wetterfrösche" - literally Muotathal weather frogs) are a group of amateur meteorologists from the Innerschwyz Region.

Twice each year, and not without a certain amount of humour, they present their weather predictions to a public meeting of the Innerschwyz Meteorological Society. These largely agricultural "weather diviners" use their observations from around the surrounding countryside to colour their weather forecasts.  The precise formula is however secret to each soothsayser.



In 1875 the miner Alois Ulrich discovered the entrance to a cave near Stalden in the Muota valley. Despite repeated investigation armed with little more than a rope, pick, ladder and a simple hand lantern, he never managed to find the end of the cave. Thus began an eventful history of exploration and charting of the Hölloch, which at 190 known kilometers is the fourth largest karst cave system in the world.


Walkers' Paradise

With its 280 km of footpaths, the Muota Valley offers a wide range of possibiities for relaxation and fun in the great outdoors for all ages.  Click on the link below for more information and suggestions:

Walks in the Muota Valley

Example for families: The "Wetterfrosch" walk - discover, through the fourteen information panels along the route, how the weather can be forecast by interpreting signs from nature. This walk provides an opportunity for the whole family to enjoy nature first hand and return home all the richer for the experience. There are two routes to choose from; the longer route takes 2 hours and the shorter about 1 hour.  The longer route offers a refreshment stop at the Güggelibesenbeiz mountain café along the way.

Winter activities

Discover this beautiful region during winter.  Many winter activites are available in the region around Muotathal.

For families and beginners, for example, there are four marked snow-shoe routes. If you'd prefer simply to walk in the snow, a number of little used roads and prepared routes are available allowing visitors to make the most of their stay. Marvel at the views across the winter mountain landscapes.

The crisp, fresh winter air is good for the health and will put colour into your cheeks. Why not stop off in one of the restaurants along your way and add the finishing touch to your day out.