Become a member or patron of the Muota 2018 World Championships Association

Join our association and help organise and support the 2018 World Championships:                    

Contact:    Robert Weller,                                

Volunteers / Helpers

How can you be part of it?                    
Such a major event requires a large number of helpers. Not only on the race days themselves, but also helpers for the Organising Committee, who are prepared to organise smaller tasks and manage these on race days.  At the moment we are looking for:                   
For the wider Organising Committee:                                     
Marketing Manager                



For advance preparation and organisation on the day:

Volunteer coordinator
Competitor refreshments                   
Management of site access control                   
Awards ceremony organisation                   
Erection and management of the press centre                   
Various small organisational tasks such as organising the flags, creating and posting signage, advertising banner placement, public address system.                   
If you would like to help the Muota 2018 team just for one day or maybe several days even, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact Rebekka Röllin by email at                    

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