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Swiss Kayak-Cross Championships
Alongside the Wildwater World Championship, the Swiss Kayak-Cross Championships will be held on Saturday, 2 June 2018. A purpose-built starting ramp will ensure a wild start to the event near the Muotastein.  All canoeists, from beginners to wildwater champions, are invited to take part and battle it out for the title of Swiss Champion in both male and female categories. 

To sign up, follow this link:

Important Safety Information

Approximately 200m downstream from the Kanu Arena, below the finish bridge and the official get-out at the “Vordere Brücke”, is the shooting range of the Muotathal Shooting Club. The line of sight of the range crosses directly over the Muota River, the stand being on the right hand side and the targets being on the left hand side.
During official shooting events there is a serious danger to life if you attempt to exit the river in this area.  The river can, however, be paddled safely at all times.
If the range is in use during race training, it is strictly forbidden to exit the river within a safety zone of 100m upstream and 100m downstream of the range line of sight.
The regular official shooting sessions are held on Thursday evenings from 6pm to 8pm.

Muota Water Levels

Water levels:                
From 15m3/s practicable.                
From 20m3/s very good level              
From 50m3/s fast and powerful




Current information on water levels is available via the following links under "Zufluss":







Classic Race

Sprint Race

Access and Egress points

New official access and egress rules for paddlers on the Muota River

Together with the landowners, farmers and the Muotathal District Council Authorities, an official access and egress agreement for paddlers on the Muota River has been negotiated, which comes into effect from spring 2017. The aim of the Agreement is to limit the impact of canoeing on the farmed land and pastures along the Muota.

The Agreement specifies official access and egress points for canoeists and users of other craft on the Muota. These points are all suitably signed. Similarly, various panels indicating areas where egress is forbidden, except in an emergency, have also been erected along the river.
It is strictly forbidden to put in or take out at any other points along the river.
Failure to comply with these rules regarding access and egress points and other specially designated areas may be subject to fines.

It is essential that all paddlers follow these new instructions. Thank you.

Official Access and Egress Points:

Overview Access and Egress Points

Access point Schlichender Brunnen at Balm

Access/egress point at the gravel lay-by alongside the Starzlen

Access/egress point upstream of the bridge by Muotathal school

Access/egress point at the Rambach gravel depot

Portaging the Muotastein

Access/egress point river-right below the bridge at Vorder Brügg

Egress point river-right in the copse upstream of the Selgis bridge

Access/egress ban river-right above the Muotastein upstream of the road bridge

Access/egress ban river-left for 300m downstream of the play stopper

Map Access and Egress Points

Catering for athletes

We will be able to offer inexpensive catering arrangements for athletes and other team members in the finish area on race days.
From Wednesday evening to Sunday evening the catering arrangements for volunteers will also be opened to athletes and other team members at lunch time and in the evening. Meals cost CHF 13.00/€13.00, which includes unlimited non-alcoholic drinks.
Every day soup and bread with unlimited non-alcoholic drinks will be available for CHF 6.00/ € 6.00

Menues to Download

We would ask interested teams to contact us in advance in order to gauge the interest in this possibility.  Please therefore contact Peter Lüthi as soon as possible by email on
The actual number of meals required can be ordered 2 days in advance from the main office. The requested number of meal vouchers will then be issued on the appropriate day by the office upon receipt of payment.


Balm access - Classic Start                          
There is plenty of parking available on the gravelled areas next to the football pitch near the classic race start and alongside the main road upstream of here.    

Download map of parking at Balm access point

Download picture of parking at Balm access point

Rambach access & egress - Sprint Start                                   
At the Rambach access and egress point parking is not allowed on the gravelled area alongside the road. This area is only for loading and unloading of boats after which vehicles must be parked on the parking area found off-road ca. 200 metres upstream.                                  

Access to the Rambach gravel depot must remain free at all times to enable access for the business operators. Users of the parking area further up the road must equally ensure free access to the rubbish tip for the operating company at all times.

Download map of Rambach drop-off point and parking

Download picture of Rambach drop-off area

Download picture of Rambach parking area

Vorderbrücke egress - Classic and Sprint Finish
There is no parking available here. Boats must be carried up the left bank to the gravel area at the Rambach access/egress point.  Due to the fact that the main road between Vorder Brugg and Rambach is in a rural zone, it is not permitted to park on the footpath. Failure to comply with this rule will lead to fines from the police.                              

Selgis egress                               
At the Selgis egress point there is sufficient parking on the gravelled area alongside the river with further parking available on the righthand side of the main road 200m downstream of the bridge.  

Download map of Selgis egress point and parking

Download picture of parking at Selgis egress point

Competitor parking during the World Championships

During the World Championships, from Friday 25 May to Sunday 3 June, a special car park for accredited competitors only will be available on the righthand side of the river downstream of the Vordere Brücke. The car park gives direct access to the river downstream of the finish.
This car park is reserved primarily for minibuses with trailers.

So long as space is available, other vehicles may also use the car park for loading boats. If there is insufficient space, in particular during the sprint races on Saturday and Sunday, only minibuses with trailers will be allowed access. All other vehicles will have to use the second car park 200m upstream of the Rambach access/egress point.

Safety / Medical Service



Medical Services 
The following medical services will be available for all participants of the World Cup throughout the competition: a doctor will be available on site; assistance for hospital visits and with medical problems. A medical centre will operate in the finish area of the sprint race to provide first aid and an ambulance service. Any costs over and above regular first aid will need to be covered by the participant's personal insurance. The Organising Committee accepts no responsibility for costs incurred for hospital treatment, dental treatment or any other medical treatment.

Alternative race venue

As soon as the water level on the Muota will be too high the races will be moved to the alternative venue on the Reuss at Amsteg. This decision will be taken at the sole discretion of the race organisers.    

Download alternative race venue

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