Dreaming of World Championships on the Muota

It was Peter Lüthi who had the vision and the drive to organise the Canoe World Championships on the Muota 45 years after their last visit. As a regular participant in Canoe World Championships he had all the experience needed, so with two like-minded friends and the support of the Zug Canoe Club he set up the  association "KANU-WM MUOTA 2018" (Muota 2018 World Championships Association) to head up this event.

All important partners, such as the Muotathal and Schwyz District Councils, Stoos-Muotatal Tourism and a number of other canoe clubs, are represented in the Association. 

Now, thanks to the support of motivated helpers, generous sponsors, Muotathal Council and friendly landowners, this dream is becoming a reality.

A Professional Organisation

The Muota 2018 World Championships Association was founded in summer 2016 to organise the World Championships and the preceding World Cup. All members of the Organising Committee are volunteers.

Vice President Peter Lüthi brings a huge amount of experience with him, having actively participated in World Championships and marathons until 2002. Nowadays he is trainer and advisor to the Swiss Canoe Team as well as being an instructor and expert in canoe sport.

By bringing the 2018 World Championships and the 2017 World Cup to Muotathal we hope not only to demonstrate expert knowledge in the organsiation of such events but also to underline the ideal environment the Muota river offers.


Competition Info:
Peter Lüthi, wmmuota2018@bluewin.ch                       

Robert Weller, robert.weller@kanu-muota.ch  

Guy Dresser, presse@wm-muota2018.ch           

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Xaver Schuler-Steiner, President Organising Committee

Dear Friends of Canoe Sport

On behalf of the WM Muota 2018 Association I should like to welcome you all to the 2018 World Championships.  It was a great pleasure for the Committee to organise the 2017 World Cup Race and a lot of useful information was gained from doing that. Now, with that experience in the bag, we have stepped up a gear to set about organising the World Championships and will do everything we can to guarantee a slick organisation and the best race conditions.

But who are the WM Muota 2018 association, and what drives their interest in canoeing?

Naturally, the association comprises died-in-the-wool canoeists on the one hand, and on the hand other local representatives from the worlds of tourism and politics.

The aim is to organise a magnificent sporting event, whilst at the same time showing off the many different facets of the wonderful Innerschwyz region to our guests from around the world.  Besides the Organising Committee, this event would equally not be possible without the support of our sponsors, for which we are most grateful.  Likewise we thank the many local associations without whose contribution the non-racing programme would not be possible. We also say a great thank you to the numerous landowners, who have agreed to our many requests and without whose support it would simply not be possible to organise the races.

Welcome to wonderful Innerschwyz!
Xaver Schuler-Steiner, President Organising Committee

A big thank you

We would like to thank all our sponsors, partners and patrons

Presenting Sponsor:
Job 3000 AG

Main Sponsor:

Atworx AG
Gemeinde Muotathal
Stoos Region
Schallwerk Audiotechnik
Sport Heart
IMA Huber AG
Erlebnisregion Mythen

Sparkasse Schwyz
Bürgi-Tiefbau AG
Gemeinde Schwyz
Stadt Zug
Stoos-Muotatal Tourismus
Swisslos Sportförderung Kt. SZ
Kanton Zug
Swiss Canoe
Imholz Autohaus Cham
SuterHolz GmbH
Auto AG Schwyz
Kanuschule Versam
Gold Club Schweiz
Zivilschutz Kt. SZ

Paul Bruhin, Schwyz
Eduard Rothpletz
Kraemer, Schwab+ CO, Zug
Fam. Mangos, Oberägeri
Dr. Christiane Okonek, Wangen
Ruth Wiprächtiger, Emmen
Harald, Piaskowski, Petersberg
Daniel Ritler, Uznach
Wolfgang Oertel, Alvaneu Dorf
Josef Dubacher, Seewen
Heiner Käslin, Gattikon
Allconsult Service
Marbrunn AG, Zug
Walter und Ediith Armbruster, Stäfa
Rosemarie Liechti, Wettingen
Walter Güntensberger, Zug
Take Best Care GmbH, Baar
Wolfram und Ingrid Gottschalk

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